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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

L-mobi offers a reliable coverage for mobile  via Base  network,

available for 99.9% of the  Belgian population.





 Credit Check  :                   *225#


 Bundle Check                    *225*1#


 Recharge :                         *225*voucher#


Check your mobile nr. :      *182#


What is the default SIM PIN?





How do I know if I call out my network?


There are some simple ways to check if you are calling outside your network:



    Some phones show this with an icon. See the manual for your device for details.


    Your phone will give a different network name again if you have successfully logged on a network of partners.


    Some phones display the name of the partner network again above or below L-Mobi Mobile.


    Our partner network can send a welcome message.




Is my phone compatible?




If you have recently purchased your device, this is a dual-band device "and works with most of our international partners. If you are traveling to North America, Canada or the Caribbean, you need a tri-band device. Consult the manual of your device for information on GSM networks with which your device is compatible.




Can I use my SIM card abroad?


Yes, you can call your L-Mobi Mobile SIM card, receive calls and send and receive text messages in Europe and the rest of the world.




What if my reload attempt is not successful?



Please if you experience problems when reloading contact our customer service team that can help with your inquiry. If you experience problems with reloading, please contact our customer service. Here help our colleagues are happy.




I have my SIM card is not used for a while and I can not call or send text messages.


If more than 4 months is not calling or texting t frozen your account. To ensure that your L-Mobi Mobile SIM card remains active, you must call or send a text message at least once every four months. You can also top up your credit. If you do not call, SMS sending or complements your credit before the end of the period of 4 months, your account will be closed and you will lose any credit on your account.


Can I bring my mobile number to L-Mobi Mobile?



Ja.We've made it easy for you to take your mobile number. Simply fill out the form, your SIM card package, or print a copy from here and send it back to us:



The L-MOBI MOBILE customers are enjoying   the L-mobile brand


            L-mobile’s mission is to connect friends and family around the world. As the Belgium’s new international mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), L-mobile provides low-cost, high-quality data and voice services to customers across belgium and world. It is now expanding to help people stay in touch across borders. Founded in 2010.



L-mobile continues to grow rapidly and now welcomes a new customer to its family.


L-mobi gives you the flexibility and control to pick the Bundle that's right for you.



Customer Support.    +32 - 32 83 08 88.  E-mail:  CS@L-MobiMobile.be

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